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  • Cementing Engineering & Services
  • Mud Logging & H2S Abatement
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TopHand is a networked data acquisition system, also known as an Electronic Data Recorder or EDR. Drilling data is made available throughout the site on computer workstations including a rugged outdoor touch screen workstation for the driller. Drilling data and reports are uploaded to the internet in real time. View your well data using your web browser through our secure login.



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Company Profile

ThermaSource is the leading service provider in the geothermal industry in the US and has expanded its leadership position overseas. Established over 30 years ago as an engineering and consulting firm, ThermaSource has diversified into contract drilling, cementing, and mud logging in the last five years. The Company is currently expanding selectively into the oil and gas sector.

With a comprehensive set of services, ThermaSource offers stand-alone or integrated drilling solutions to our customers. Our goal is to help customers manage their risks and costs while increasing their probability of achieving a successful outcome.

Safety is core to our effort and governs how we operate.  From the first action taken for mobilization to when the last piece of equipment is returned to our yard, the number one priority is operating in a safe and efficient manner. 

ThermaSource is managed by experienced O&G and renewable sponsors


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